“Roll out the Barrel…..we had a barrel of fun”

What a way to spend the day….
First stop Quinta do Francês Winery. A Family Estate; 9 hectares of vineyard; nested in the hills of Silves. Sightseeing along the way was filled with Eucalyptus Trees….imagine the smell when you roll down the window…Amazing!!!

Next Stop…..Monchique. High up in the mountains you will find hot sulphur springs, with baths and health spas. Eucalyptus, cork oak, oranges, lemons, honey, olive oil, chestnuts, black pork sausages. You name it! You find it! And let’s not forget the infamous medronho! A local brew made from distilled medronho berries….for me, it was a little strong. However, everyone seemed to really kick it up after a shot or two!

Last Stop – Lunch….so authentic. So traditional. O Tasco. If heading up to Monchique, I highly recommend stopping in. You won’t be disappointed. (And they serve a 1/2 Litre of wine with every meal).
Oh wait…..one more thing….Sheep…Sheepies….always see Sheepies wherever we go!

What a day to remember!
Love and Hugs

One more thing before you go...

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