“The Portuguese Cafe culture”

Did you know?
Portuguese consume more than 5 kg of Coffee beans a year.
A café can be found on every cobblestone corner….sometimes two.
No time for rushing. Cafe Culture plays one of the most important roles in Portugal.
Did you know?

The Portuguese consume the highest amount of wine in the world.
Yep, it’s true. An average consumption of 72 bottles of wine per person per year, that is equivalent to 56 litres. Ching Ching! And with wines priced between 2€ and 10€, (being a great bottle), how can you afford not too. From vinho branco to vinho tinto, to Vinho Verde! And lets not even get started with the fact that Portugal is the largest producer of cork in the world. Of course they are! They bottle it, they cork it and they drink it.

“Agora sente-se, relaxe, peça seu bando favorito e absorva o mundo ao seu redor. Feche os olhos, sinta o cheiro da bebida fresca, ouça as xícaras batendo e absorva as conversas.”
“Now sit back, relax, order up your favourite bevy and take in the world around you. Close your eyes, smell the fresh brew, listen to the cups clanging and take in the conversations.”
(well open your eyes for this video, the views are spectacular)

Feliz sexta-feira! Estou indo para o café!
Love and Hugs

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