“If you’re looking for a sign this is it!”

Yep, we relocated. If anyone tells you it is easy….it has its challenges. But worth it? Yes!!!!
We travelled from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Distance: 7,654 KM.
We sold our house, our business and some of our belongings. We loaded a 40ft shipping container….35 days on the ocean and it made it. Including our furniture, Rico’s motorcycle and our Jeep Wrangler. Rico came first to get us set up. He is originally from North Portugal, Viana Do Castelo, but has been living in Canada for 30 years. It wasn’t easy spending 11 months apart. Loneliness set in for both of us. Face time was our only communication. A cold long winter in Edmonton, Canada compared to a mid winter in the Algarve was hard to watch.

Romeo and I arrived 6 months ago. 20 Hour flight, 12 Cups of Coffee, 7 glasses of vinho, 2 flight connections, 2.5 hour drive from Lisboa to Albufeira and we made it. Suitcases in hand. Tears flowed as we landed in a new place….a better place? Unknown! Romeo may be a Portuguese water dog, but we don’t speak the language (Rico is fluent) and we are unfamiliar with the lay of the land. But with time and patience we are happier than we have even been. How can you not be!
It was the best decision our little family made.

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge, don’t think twice…cause if you don’t, you might be missing out on something amazing.
Our friends & family were behind us all the way.
We are thankful to all the friendships we have already made. Some amazing people that made us feel so welcome. You know who you are!
So, if your thinking about a move….don’t think much further. Consider this your sign. We did it! We made it! We are happier than we ever were. The Portuguese lifestyle is exactly what this family needed.

Thank you Portugal for your hospitality, your kindness and your beautiful country. We are forever thankful for this life!
So let’s have a toast
“Eu viajei por muitas estradas
Eu andei por muitos quilômetros
Aqui está para as pessoas que fizeram o meu dia
Para as pessoas que acenaram e sorriram.”
“I’ve travelled many a highway
I’ve walked for many a mile
Here’s to the people who made my day
To the people who waved and smiled.”

Love and Hugs

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